Babysitting Fun

Jessica, Andy, Delilah and Bryce came to the farm to drop Delilah off for the night with Grandma and Grandpa and also to get a family portrait for their Christmas card.

We like this one the best.

Grandpa and I had great fun with Delilah. She watched football and ate popcorn with Grandpa, got to see Hank for the first time, and slept all night. Well, there was that little incident where she had trouble getting to sleep again after the phone woke her. She ran through the entire list crying: “I want my mamma,” “I want my daddy,” “I have to potty,” “I want a drink.” At one point she stopped crying, asked “Grandma” and I said “yes” and she said “can I get up” and I said “no.” Which started the crying all over again! We just turned the TV up, and eventually she went to sleep! I guess she needed to see whether we were serious about the whole bed-time thing. We were!

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