Garland’s JV Football Game

Richard and I attended Garland’s last JV football game this year at Warrensburg tonight. Richard used to live in Warrensburg and had often talked about the great BBQ place there, so we had dinner there (and it’s still as good as it was!) before the game.

Garland is #58, getting set on the offensive line opposite.

You can see Garland blocking on the far right.

Here he’s blocking again.

Then, after half-time Garland switched to defense, and here he’s moving toward the offensive line.

You can just see his number on his shoulder pad on the far right as he’s getting in on the tackle.

I think this is the play where Garland single-handedly tackled the ball carrier, and they even said his name over the loudspeaker!

As you might guess from our clothing, it was a pretty chilly night,
so we bundled up in all the warm-weather gear we could find.

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