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Harrisonville Football Update

Well, Harrisonville lost the big first game of the year against the 2008 State Championship Webb City Cardinals 33-7. However, we were very proud of Garland’s part as lineman in the one series resulting in a touchdown!

Look at the way Garland’s (#58) following the runner to keep the defenders off him. That turned out to be a big run for Harrisonville!

Looks like Garland’s (#58) keeping the defender off the runner really well!

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Morning Exercise!

I’m starting a new exercise regimen where I will try and walk every morning. I’ll also take photos (since it gives me a chance to pause and catch my breath!). Thought I’d start out with a self-portrait!

Boy, my rear-end looks big in this photo! Maybe I need to walk faster!

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Senior Photos, Round One

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning Richard, Garland and I took Senior photos at Fastnight Park and the downtown area of Springfield and then locations around the farm. I took photos, and Richard was the light man as he kept up with keeping good light on Garland. Sometimes the light was so much he had to wear sunglasses!

This photo was taken on the walking trail near us. Labor Day Weekend we will travel to Harrisonville for another big photo shoot on the football field and other local areas there.

Click here to see some of the better ones we took this weekend.

I had the idea of taking a photo of the 3 of us sitting on the edge of the bridge on the walking trail. In order to get the best focus and depth of field, I needed the camera a ways away from us. I thought I could make it from the camera to sit down in 10 second . . . well, I was partly right as you can see from the photo on the left! So, then Garland volunteered to take the next shot. He’s a lot faster runner than I am as you can see from the photo on the right!

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On TV and in the Newspaper! We are Notorious!

Representative Blunt and his Ag Tour stopped at our farm to discuss our switchgrass field, our cattle operation, and our low-stress stockmanship.

Here’s the link to the photos I took for our Hand ‘n Hand blog.

Here’s the link to the KORL 10 report which appeared on TV tonight!

And here’s the link to the Springfield News-Leader articles in the August 12 issue. We were front page, above the fold in the actual paper!

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One Placing at the Fair

The fair posted the results of the photography judging while we were canoeing, and I placed second with this photo in the kaleidoscope category–

A local TV station is having another contest of photos taken at the fair, so I’ll take a bunch today when we go and enter some and see how I do with that! In the past I’ve done somewhat good with photos taken at the fair. We will see how I do this year!

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Fishing on Stockton Lake

Today was Richard’s work picnic at Stockton Lake. Bob, one of Richard’s co-workers, has a nice fishing boat and invites any of the group willing to meet up at 8 am to come along for a little fishing before the eating commences! This year Richard, Garland and I went along.

About my first cast out I thought I had snagged on something, but then it moved and I yelled "it moved," which, of course, made the guys laugh! He was a fighter, and the guys were all yelling out what they thought I had on, "8 pound walleye" etc. He went around the boat, and I followed, reeling in and fighting him.

Garland got ready with the net, and we finally saw that he was a nice little catfish! We got him into the net, and then Bob grabbed him up for me (if you don’t get a hold of a catfish carefully, they will really hurt you!) and Richard got the camera for the photo! What fun!

Richard hadn’t brought appropriate catfish cleaning gear, but we managed to do it with the cheese knife and leatherman pliers! We’ll have him for dinner tomorrow night!

Next, Richard caught this nice little Crappie. As he brought it in, Bob said, "it’s just 9.5 inches, not big enough to keep." Dick said, "he’s 10 inches, you can keep him."

Well, when it came down to the actual measuring, Bob was right, and he wasn’t long enough to keep!

We got a photo though!

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