Bolivar and Harrisonville both Won Last Night!

Bolivar and Harrisonville are closing in on each other in the Missouri High School Football playoffs! Bolivar faces Champion Webb City on Saturday. Webb City is undefeated in over 20 games, but they lost two of their best running backs and another player a week and a half ago (suspension for some sort of activity which was a no-no!). We have our fingers crossed this will give Bolivar (who is having a great year at 11-1) the edge they need to be able to beat them!!

Harrisonville goes up against Kearney on Saturday, and that should be a great game also.

If (and it’s a very big “if!”) Bolivar beats Webb City and Harrisonville beats Kearney (more likely to happen), Bolivar will face Harrisonville at Harrisonville in the semi-finals! We might have to drive up for that one if it happens; though it will be hard to know who to cheer for since Garland’s no longer playing for Harrisonville!

Here’s the bracket so you can follow along:

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