Week 5 — Wildcard: Photographer’s Choice

Capture an image on your terms; who, what, where, when, why, how … it’s all up to you. Caveat: You must tell us your intent.

This week was challenging for me to get my weekly challenge done. We had a lot going on, and I still don’t have my computer back, so no Lightroom to help with cropping, naming, formatting for Facebook, watermarking, etc. etc. However, I did take several pictures, and these three are the best.

“Adventurer” 1/160 second, f/11, 189 mm, ISO 400 I was looking around the farm for something special to take a photo of, and I saw this. Who knows how many years this has been nailed to the garage? I love the colors, peeling paint, and detail. I widened the depth of field and it worked, it was all in focus!

“Grass in setting sun” 1/200 second, f/6.3, 300 mm, ISO 200, no editing. The sun was setting and I looked at how it was hitting this grass and thought it might be a good shot. I was going for the great color, and got it!

“Resting Tiger” 1/320 second, f/6.3, 300 mm, ISO 400 I just happened to look over and saw that our cat, Tiger, was laying on this overturned wash-tub. He’s quite photogenic, but I haven’t really been able to get him in a position he would stay in long enough that was a good spot for a portrait shot. I needed the fast shutter speed and 400 ISO because it was cloudy.

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