Week 16 – Technical: Portrait Lighting

“Whether Butterfly, Rembrandt, Split, or Loop Lighting, choose the technique which best flatters your subject.”

This one was tough for me as I don’t have any knowledge of nor equipment for studio lighting. So, I did the best I could with what I had. The picture of Dolly was on a north balcony with no direct lighting, but I positioned her toward what light there was. The pictures of the hippo statue (don’t you love it?!) were taken in the house. The first shot was in the kitchen with a south window and a filter between the hippo and the window to soften the light. The second hippo photo was from our living room. I positioned the hippo in direct south window light with the filter between the hippo and the light. In order for me to get into the best position, one of our house plants was in the way. However, when I saw the shot I felt it added to the photo, so didn’t move it!

Dolly Tres

Hippo on Board

Hippo in Jungle

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