Week 17 – Creative: Humor

“Laughter is the best medicine. Make us laugh.”

Yesterday I found this really unique carrot in the bag and showed it to Richard. He suggested we make a “man” out of it. Then I remembered this week’s photography theme is “humor” so I felt this would fit perfectly. Richard built Selfie Stan and got him all set up for me and also ran the lighting. We don’t have the best lighting, and I didn’t really like the shadows, but then I figured, hey, he’s taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror, of course there will be awful shadows! It’s a selfie! So, with the addition of an iPhone image and a flash flare (I built the latter myself in Photoshop!), and a poem also written by me, I have a completed “humor” image!

Categories: 2018 Photography Challenge and Photography.

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