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Harrisonville is Going to the Championship Game!

Richard and I were in the crowd cheering Harrisonville onto a victory over Grain Valley (51-35) today (not that they needed our help, they can win games well enough on their own!).

They will play MICDS next Saturday, Nov 24, at 3:15 pm. Harrisonville has met MICDS twice in state playoff action, and their record against them is 1-1. Both teams are undefeated this year, and both will be looking for the win. Richard and I will take Delilah and go cheer them on.

Here’s an interesting page with links to past Missouri High School Football Championships. Harrisonville is in Class 3.

I have some great photos from the Grain Valley game I will try and post later tonight.

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Yah Harrisonville!

The Harrisonville Wildcats won their Sectional game against Monett by a big margin and now move on to play Mt. Vernon there Monday night. Click here for the playoff bracket.

Unfortunately, Richard was still sickly and we didn’t get to attend the game last night. We tried to find a radio station carrying it, but weren’t even able to do that. We have big plans to attend the Monday night game though, and might even try and bring along some of the other kids to have a large “Garland” cheering section!

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Harrisonville Football Awards Ceremony

Head Coach Fred Bouchard was master of ceremonies at the Harrisonville Football Awards Ceremony Richard and I were privileged to get to attend with Garland. He’s a quality coach and individual.

Assistant Coach Tom Meeks introduced the Harrisonville offensive line (Garland is 3rd from the right).

Garland is on the far left of this photo. I took a great video of what the coach said about Garland including that he received an athletic letter in football and will try and figure out how to upload it to this weblog!

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Harrisonville Makes it 35 Wins in a Row!

Although they have a ways to go to make it into any state or national record book on consecutive games won (Jefferson City, MO won 71 consecutive games from 1958-1965 and Concord de la Salle, CA won 151 consecutive games between 1992 and 2003), we are very proud of Garland and his team!

We are looking forward to attending the big game November 1 against Clinton (7-1). That will be the last game of the season, then we will see who goes into the playoffs!

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Harrisonville’s Football Record for 2004-2006

I found a web page here with great information about the teams in the West Central Missouri Conference, and it had the Harrisonville game information for 2004-2006 also. You can see their last loss was September 1, 2005 against Belton. Belton is a Class 5 school while Harrisonville is a Class 3 school (the bigger the class number, the bigger the school). The last 4 games of each year were playoff games. In 2004, they lost the MO Championship game, but they won in 2005 and 2006.

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Harrisonville Wins Again!

The Harrisonville Wildcats beat their rival St. Pius X 48-20 tonight! We weren’t able to attend, but hear it was a great game. A thunderstorm sent everyone to their cars, the locals (St. Pius X fans) thought it would be called due to rain, and most of them went home. However, after a while the storm passed, the refs got the game going again, and the hardy Harrisonville fans filled the stands. I guess from there it was Harrisonville all the way!

Since I’m here at Mom and Dad’s enjoying high-speed internet, I figured out how to set up a iTunes podcast, and I downloaded the mp3 file for the game as posted by KDKD radio station in Clinton, Missouri. Click here for information on the game podcasts (after going to that link, choose the “Game Archives” button on the left and then “Game Archives Harrisonville Widlcats” linked in the middle of the page).

[Note: after listening to parts of the game file on Monday, I was especially pleased to hear part of the broadcast say that, during the break between the 3rd and 4th quarters, Coach Bouchard got all his team around and said something to the effect of “we have a comfortable lead [21 points at that time], St. Pius is upset, they are going to do some mean things to us right now, and if they happen to cheap shot do not retaliate, keep it strong, and don’t do something stupid.” Richard and I so glad Garland has such a wonderful coach!]
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More High School Football Websites

I did some searching on the internet this morning and found some good web pages for Missouri High School Football information.

Click here for great information about Harrisonville Football game results and conference standing.

Click here for the links to all Missouri football teams so you can find your team!

Click here for the main football page for MO Sports which has a lot of good information.

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