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One More Game!

Wow! It was a squeaker last night, but my two picks for the final game were RIGHT!!!! And, the way Kansas almost lost last night and how handily Kentucky won has me encouraged that my choice for champion might just turn out correct! Yeh! Again, green is my future pick, red means a game I picked incorrectly, and blue is a game I picked correctly. Click the image to see it larger.
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The Sweet Sixteen!

Well, 3 of my 4 Final Four teams are still in it! Though, I’m down to less than half correct after the weekend games. A red name means I picked wrong, a blue name I picked right, and green are my guesses. I’m on the road headed to the MANA Board meeting in Washington, DC, so I might be a little slower about updating this chart (and I will miss some games!).
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Here’s my Bracket

Here’s my picks (in red) made early Sunday morning.
I know, I know, I cheated by not making my picks until part way through!
I honestly don’t think Mizzou can beat UConn if it comes down to that; so that one is more a hope than a belief!

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