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New Calves

After learning a new (and profitable regardless of the market swings!) marketing technique from my dad, Richard bought 5 underpriced calves June 18 and 5 more July 9.

This gives Richard some new livestock to practice Stockmanship on and also something more to make money on. The newest 5 calves settled down in record time and are now out of the "training pen" in with the other 5.

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Richard’s First Full-Day Workshop

Richard spoke this morning to the Green Hills Farm Project in Linneus, Missouri. Then, in the afternoon he demonstrated some techniques of Low-Stress Livestock Handling. First he drove these yearling bulls around the pasture to begin their training, then he brought them up to the group. Then groups of 3-6 people went out to practice the techniques alongside Richard. Special thanks to Allen and Tauna Powell for the use of their cattle and facility! Click here for more photos.

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Wood Cutting

When I first met Richard he cut his wood for the winter in the HEAT of August . . . . Well, I helped that first summer without much comment, but, when the next February rolled around, I offered the suggestion that he might consider . . . maybe . . . cutting wood when it was nice and cool rather than 90 degrees in the shade! That idea has taken hold, and we now cut wood in the nice cool later winter! Last weekend we cut two pick-up loads with Garland. This morning we cut another load. Just one or two more loads to get us set for next winter’s heat!

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First Calf of 2005!

Here’s the first calf of 2005 born on Saturday. She’s a lovely heifer sired by Buck, Richard’s new beefmaster bull. She will be kept to become another good mama-cow. I love the spring and new babies. I do miss all the lambs though. What fun, 2-3 babies per mama, all different colors, running here and there.

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