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I looked the bird-babies up in Richard’s bird book, and we think they are a Dickcissel. No, I’m not calling Richard names, this is the real name of a local sparrow-type bird. I’m basing this on the color of the eggs and what little I’ve seen of the mama as she flees when I come to visit. They are coded "yellow" on the Audubon web page description (click here for more info) meaning " . . . they are also declining but at a slower rate than those in the red category. These typically are species of national conservation concern." And Missouri is also working on conserving them. Click here for more on that. They hatched sometime between the 21-23, meaning they should fledge between the 30th and the 1st. We were wondering why they were so late in the year, and further reading shows they usually have two nestings/year, and this timing is about right for nesting #2. I’ll keep you posted!

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