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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I’m thankful for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the roof over our head keeping us dry (hoping for some rain today, that would be more to be thankful for!), a wood fire to keep us warm, plenty of food to cook and eat, family to share it with, and love all around us.

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Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve started with a lovely pot luck dinner at church with friends and family.

Then, during the Christmas Eve service Delilah is getting ready for her solo of the first verse of Silent Night in German! Thanks so much to David (shown) and Jo Ann Lininger for working so hard with Delilah on the words and her singing!

Then we all gathered at Jessica’s house for visiting and opening presents!

“Rock On!”

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Bryce’s Pre-School Christmas Program

Then, later in the afternoon we attended Bryce’s pre-school class Christmas program. I’m proud to live in an area which can still put on Christmas programs without being sued by someone who just can’t suck it up and look beyond something they don’t believe in.

Delilah took drink orders from the class members.

Jessica and Delilah served drinks

Here’s the family plus Sheldon who attended the party.
Categories: b - Our Kids, Christmas, and Our Grandkids.