Tina L. Williams

As a “jack of all trades, master of none,” I find myself in the difficult position of writing body for a “home” page. What do I mention? What do I highlight? Who am I?

First of all, I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother. These are perhaps my most important jobs these days as I’m partially retired yet embarking on another part-time career as an author!

I have always enjoy photography from childhood when I used the old brownie cameras my mother had from her father. I continued to take photos of travel and then of my babies. When the kids were small, I didn’t have as much time for general photography, but, when they left home I started back to it again.

In 2019 my mother and I will be writing the story of my mother and father. In preparation for that, I decided to design at least one photography book to test out the Indy book publishing process! That process isn’t nearly as easy as you might think, and does include making sure you have an author’s website with certain information in it to assist with promoting your book(s).

My first book is entitled, “5-7-5¬†Elaborated:¬†Haiku with Photos,¬†Volume 1.” Click here to read more about it.

So, click on a link and look at some of my other photos or read some of my other thoughts and enjoy. I will let you know when my book is ready to buy!