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Agility Trial

I worked on the book most of this weekend, but did manage to get a few photos of the dogs in action.




Nancy started Kimber, set her down, then ran across the lines to get to the spot to start Kimber for her FAST class!

Kimber so tight on the poles I have one eye on each side!

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Photos of Agility Dogs from Berryville Trial

Below is a gallery of one photo of each dog I took photos of at the trial. They are in order as they showed with most of the photos taken Friday and Saturday. I have more photos of many of the dogs, though I just have one or two photos of a couple of them.

Some of the photos have been straightened, cropped, “fixed up,” and some haven’t. I will “fix up” any photos you might want before sending.

If you’d like any of these photos (plus any others I might have of your dog), just email me at with the photo number(s) below each photo.

I looked through and found some more photos of other dogs/handlers. I added them in after the gallery below.









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Day Four of the First Trial!

The last day of the trial Dolly just ran two events, and she qualified in both earning a PACH QQ and fourth and second place.

Mom, Dolly, and her ribbons

QQ, 4th place, and 2nd place

We had been admiring a very fast chihuahua named Rory during the trial. Since we moved Dolly down to the preferred height, they didn’t directly compete. We had a chance to visit with his owner at the end of the day. Of course we had to get photos of these two very cute dogs together. We hope some of Rory’s skill rubs off on Dolly! He’s a multi-champion!

Dolly meeting Rory

Cute couple!

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Day Three of the First Trial!

Dolly got her first Preferred (shorter jumps) QQ today and 2 Fourth Places.

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Day Two of the First Trial!

Today was Mom’s birthday, and Dolly gave her a Premiere QQ and two first places! What a fun day with friends and dogs!

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Day One of the First Trial!

Good start to the trial! Dolly got second place in the Standard class!

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