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Great “After the 4th” Party

We had a GREAT time at this year’s “After the 4th” Party. Every year we have a party here on the farm after the 4th so the kids can buy cheap fireworks on sale on the 5th and bring them out and fire them off without the city restrictions against fireworks. And, of course, we always have great food too! This year Richard grilled brats and baked beans! Yum! Click here for the photos.

And, since this is also Justin’s birthday, we celebrated it with birthday cake and even a song. Happy Birthday Justin! Hope you are enjoying Boot Camp!!!

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Petey died yesterday. Justin got Petey in 1999, and he’s been one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. He was excellent with the kids, was a great guardian for the house (remember that’s what Pekingese dogs were bred for) and was an all-around great companion. Our pets leave big holes in our lives when they are gone, but the memories are still there. Here’s some photos of Petey through the years for us all to remember.

January 13, 2009, Petey and his kids!

Surrounded by my grandkids and Petey, Dec 21, 2010

The kids, Andy, and Petey riding out to check on the cows while we were traveling, Jan 6, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing on the couch with Petey enjoying the festivities December 24, 2007!

I babysat Delilah over the weekend and brought Petey along to enjoy farm living again! May 5, 2007

Petey has always been close to Delilah, here she was about a month old.

I babysat Delilah and Bryce Saturday while Jessica was at work, and I saw this when I checked on her about a half hour into her nap, December 10, 2005.

Christmas 2002; Petey thought he was a present too!

Here’s all the kids with their dogs on October 1, 2001

Jennifer clipped all the dogs, and then the weather turned cool! So, we got
shirts for Petey and Paige, probably April 9, 2001.

Christmas 1999 with the kids and their dogs
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Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve started with a lovely pot luck dinner at church with friends and family.

Then, during the Christmas Eve service Delilah is getting ready for her solo of the first verse of Silent Night in German! Thanks so much to David (shown) and Jo Ann Lininger for working so hard with Delilah on the words and her singing!

Then we all gathered at Jessica’s house for visiting and opening presents!

“Rock On!”

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Bryce’s Pre-School Christmas Program

Then, later in the afternoon we attended Bryce’s pre-school class Christmas program. I’m proud to live in an area which can still put on Christmas programs without being sued by someone who just can’t suck it up and look beyond something they don’t believe in.

Delilah took drink orders from the class members.

Jessica and Delilah served drinks

Here’s the family plus Sheldon who attended the party.
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Babysitting Fun

Jessica, Andy, Delilah and Bryce came to the farm to drop Delilah off for the night with Grandma and Grandpa and also to get a family portrait for their Christmas card.

We like this one the best.

Grandpa and I had great fun with Delilah. She watched football and ate popcorn with Grandpa, got to see Hank for the first time, and slept all night. Well, there was that little incident where she had trouble getting to sleep again after the phone woke her. She ran through the entire list crying: “I want my mamma,” “I want my daddy,” “I have to potty,” “I want a drink.” At one point she stopped crying, asked “Grandma” and I said “yes” and she said “can I get up” and I said “no.” Which started the crying all over again! We just turned the TV up, and eventually she went to sleep! I guess she needed to see whether we were serious about the whole bed-time thing. We were!

Categories: b - Our Kids, Our Grandkids, and Tina's Diary.