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The Hawk Eyeing our Birds!

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this red-tailed hawk sitting on the clothes-line pole which happens to be very close to the bird feeders in our front yard!

He’s checking out the tasty morsels here!

Then he senses me taking his photo and decides maybe it’s not worth the trouble for that easy meal. At least I hope he does!

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Turkeys in Pasture

Every year Richard drives north to near Truman Lake to spend the day before Turkey Season opening day and then hunt with his buddy Matt on the first day or two of the season. Usually I see and photograph turkeys here on the farm at the same time as Richard's NOT killing a turkey up north! This year the photo session was the day before opening, but it happened. Here's a tom showing off for two hens in a field right near the house (though this is zoomed in quite a bit).

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