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Justin’s Graduation from Boot Camp!

Jessica, Jennifer, kids and I drove up to Chicago, met up with Calie and Laura (Calie’s Mom) and we attended Justin’s graduation from Boot Camp. I’m riding down the road at a high rate of speed and so I can’t put little circles around Justin and stuff like I really should. But, he’s the TALL one in the center of many of these shots! Oh, and he looks like me!


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And Another Great Day Visiting

We drove to Wisconsin for lunch just so Jessica and I could say we’ve been there (first time for either of us). We played on the beach for a minute, but not too long because it was cold and windy! We got photos by the state signs! The babies were asleep when we went back into Illinois, so they didn’t get their photo by the IL sign!

Here’s Calie and Justin’s house, front and back view.

Here’s the back yard.

Here’s their street, their house is the white with the black roof to the left.

Here’s a view down the street. Aren’t these houses wonderful?

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Full Day of Visiting and Fun

Saturday morning Justin, Jessica, Delilah, Bryce and I went to the big mall near where they live. Then, in the afternoon we had our "early Thanksgiving meal!" What a wonderful time!

Jessica and Calie went to visit the base and the lake while Justin and I babysat (read "napped!").

And then Justin beat us at Sorry before bed!

Categories: b - Our Kids, Our Grandkids, and Tina's Diary.