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Dad’s Gone

These are very sad words to type and say. My Dad passed away Sunday, November 25, 2012 after a short illness. He was at home, in his own bed, with Mom knitting beside him. I can’t think of a better way to go.

I’ll be putting together some photos and stories of him . . . later . . . .

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“Retro” Photos!

Facebook is going through a “retro” phase where folks are posting profile photos of themselves when they were younger. I didn’t want to sort through all my boxes in the barn and then scan some, but I remembered Mom had sent me scans from the family photo album! So, here are some older photos of me! Jessica had wanted some older photos of her, so I dug out these old Christmas card photos for her and thought I’d re-post them here again too! It’s fun to see the old photos of the kids, but still tugs at my heart to see the photos of John from happier times.

Above: I’m about a year old with Mom and Dad
Opposite: Me feeding a bottle lamb, about 2 years old (me, not the lamb)

Above I’m about 3 years old playing with Curly, our stock dog. Mom said it was great fun watching me, because I’d lift Curly up into the wagon, get around to pull him, and he’d jump out. Then I’d start all over again!

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. I’m holding the lead with the boss’s kids on the horse. I was a pretty good horsewoman by this age.

1968 School photo

1969 School photo

Our 1988 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1989 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1991 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1992 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1993 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1994 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 1997 Christmas card photo of me and the kids

Our 1999 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 200 Christmas card photo of the kids.

Our 2001 Christmas card photo of me and the kids.

Our 2002 Christmas photo just before Delilah was born.
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Marketing Follow-up School

Here’s Garland and Richard by the sign where the school was held.

I got some photos of this wonderful statue when we were here last year, and I had to get some more today!

Left: Mom got some knitting down when her skills weren’t needed on the computer.

Above: Mom and I watching and listening to Dad with great interest.

And here’s the family group, Mom, Dad, Richard, Tina and Garland.

Garland had a great time at the school and enjoyed meeting Mom and Dad for the first time.

Click here for more photos of the Marketing Follow-up School

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Visit with Mom and Dad

Richard and I spent the weekend visiting Mom and Dad in Bowie, TX and had a great visit. We asked Mom to take some photos of us to try and get something of quality we can use for our Hand n Hand Livestock Solutions materials. I’m not sure we got that photo today (since I’m very unphotogenic!), but we did take some fun ones!

Dad brought out one of his hats for me to wear to match with Richard’s.
Richard, Dad and I in our cowboy hats! Then Richard took one of Dad, Mom, Dolly and I!
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