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My Fair Entries

Tomorrow I’ll take my photos into the Ozark Empire Fair to be exhibited and judged. Here they are.



Wild Birds

Insects, bugs, spiders





Still Life

Color Alteration

Content Alteration

Content Alteration original

Photo with Text

Photo Collage

Photo Kaleidoscope

Any Other Creative Photography


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Photos for the Fair!

Last year was the first in many years that I didn’t enter some photos at the Ozark Empire Fair. This year I’ve got them all printed, matted, and ready for Richard to take to the fair on Saturday while Mom and I are at the agility trial (thanks Honey!).

[Update: I’ve posted the awards I received below]

Cats and Dogs, no award


Wild birds, no award


Insects, bugs, spiders, no award


Nature, no award


Still Life, no award


Color alterations, Second place


Photo with text, First place


Photo collage, First place


Photo kaleidoscope, First place


Any other creative photography, First place

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My Photos for the 2016 Ozark Empire Fair

UPDATE July 29: We went to the fair and found out the awards I received on all my photos! I got a ribbon on 6 out of 10!

Tina and photos
Here I am (still in my Team Dolly shirt!) with several of my photos. I put a red circle around the ones that placed and made note below of the placing.

Division 1302, Color Photos, 1, Domestic Animals; third place!

Division 1302, Color Photos, 8, Nature, no award

Division 1302, Color Photos, 11, People, no award (I still think this is my best photo ever!)

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 1, Color Alternations, no award

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 2, Content Alternations, I faded in a photo of some mustangs in North Dakota into the scene photo from Montana. First place!

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 3, Photo with Text, first place!

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 4, Photo Collage, second place!

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 5, Photo Kaleidoscope, first place!

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 6, Any other creative photography, I cut out the hole in the rock and inserted a photo of a buffalo I took in North Dakota. No award

Division 1304, Creative Photography, 7, Theme Contest, “Memories in the Making,” third place

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My 2015 Fair Entries

Following are my entries in the 2015 Ozark Empire Fair
Springfield, MO, July 30-August 8, 2015.

Color manipulation–I took the photo of me holding the photo frame and then cut the color from the background.
First Place and Champion. I’m not sure what the Champion was over, perhaps of the computer manipulated photos? It wasn’t over all the photos, just some.

Photo Kalidescope of Trilliums
First Place!

Photo collage from the April Eclipse
First Place!

Photo with Text — original Haiku by me
First Place!

People, my favorite models, my grandkids!
First Place!

Other content, color, etc. manipulation. These are some of the photos I took at Rondle and Scott’s wedding in June!
Second Place!

Content manipulation! I built the frame and cut out the background to highlight the drops.
Second Place!

Life in the Ozarks, Richard brush-hogging
No award

Country, Mt Shasta, CA
No award

No award

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My Ozark Empire Fair Entries

I matted my photos to get them ready to take into the fair tomorrow for the 2014 Ozark Empire Fair. Here they are!

Division 1301; Class 2; Sky’s the Limit; This is a 42 minute exposure at F6.3, ISO 200 with an 18 mm lens and no post-production modification.

Division 1302; Class 4; insects, no digital manipulation

Division 1302; Class 7; Country; I took this photo near Hollister, CA on January 21, 2014 showing the drought in the region, no digital manipulation

Division 1302; Class 8; Nature, no digital manipulation

Division 1304; Class 1; Color Alternation

Division 1304; Class 2; Content Alternation

Here is the original panorama photo I put into Photoshop to come up with the fair entry above. This is from Stockton Lake near the dam on July 5, 2014.

Division 1304; Class 3; Photo with text

Division 1304; Class 4; Photo Collage

Division 1304; Class 5; Kaleidoscope

Division 1304; Class 6; Any other digital manipulation of one photo I took in the California Redwoods this June

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My Photo Awards at the Fair this Year

When Jessica looked up my photos at the fair, it was a little confusing because some which we later learned did receive an award, didn’t have a ribbon on them during the fair! I had to wait until they posted the results to see that I had received these five awards.

Nature, regular photography with no computer editing
First Place

Color alternations, any subject, computer manipulation
Fourth Place

Photo with text, any subject, computer manipulation
Third Place

Photo Kaleidoscope, computer manipulation
First Place

Any other creative photography, computer manipulation
Third Place

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