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Christmas Party

We had another Christmas party at the clubhouse where Mom lives. We cheated on the food and just ordered Pizza! Did have home-made birthday cake for Mom’s birthday the day before.

Caris and Grayson enjoying opening their gifts.

Richard helped Grayson free his dinosaurs from the new truck.

Six of us enjoyed playing Aggravation

Jenny lighting the candles

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you!

Mom blowing out her candles

The Group Shot!

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Day Thirteen

Today we drove through three states bringing the total to lucky thirteen!

And, while we cruised through New Jersey we had the chance to visit with Justin, Calie and the boys at Calie’s booth at a local street fair! And, to top it off, my daughter Jennifer had flown in that day to visit Justin and Calie! Family visit!!

Couldn’t find the “Welcome to Delaware” sign, so this will have to do.

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Mother’s Day on the Farm

Along with the usual Mother’s Day celebration with 3 generations of mothers, we also celebrated Jessica’s FIVE YEARS SOBER on Mother’s Day! Richard smoked great meat and beans, and great friends came to share the day.

Putting water in the pan for moisture.

Put the meat on a little after 7 am

Checking on progress

Put the beans on at 10 am

Checking on the meat

Meat and beans cooking away!

The spread!!!!

Our official family party cake, German Chocolate for Jessica’s 5 years sober.

Most of the group enjoying the visiting.

Susan tried to light the candles, but the wind was too strong.

The Group Shot!

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