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Finally back to Bennett Spring!

With some traveling and rainy and then dry/hot weather, we haven’t made it back to fish since the Fourth of July! It was a little hot, but not too bad. Even though it was the day before the holiday weekend started, there weren’t many people there. I didn’t catch many fish, but the three I strung up were nice sized! Richard caught his limit and then some. I had a rush of “Buck fever” when this really huge fish struck at my lure. I wasn’t able to do the right thing to hook it, but it was quite a thrill nonetheless!

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Anniversary Fishing!

Richard and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with two days of fishing at Bennett Spring. I caught more fish than usual, and Richard had some of his best fishing ever! We had a room with a mini-kitchen and cooked a major feast of fresh fish! Life is great!

Richard catching a fish!

I tried some different settings for this watershot and then tinkered with it in Photoshop.
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Great Day of Fishing!

Richard headed off to the first weekend of pheasant hunting in Iowa this afternoon, and I went fishing in Bennett Springs so I wouldn’t just be sitting around feeling sorry for myself all alone. Richard didn’t think it would be very good fishing, but I actually caught THREE fish! I know, you aren’t seeing any photos of them, so I guess it’s all on my word! I didn’t bring an ice chest or even a knife to clean them, so I let them go to thrill some other fisherman. I’ve been practicing with the flies and other artificial lures, and these are the first I’ve caught in the zone that doesn’t allow "live" bait!

Jennifer and I will go again on Sunday, so we will see if it was just an accident that I managed to catch any fish today! The catch and keep season closes Oct 31, and this weekend the weather is perfect for getting out and enjoying the great Missouri fall outdoors, so we are taking full advantage! They do have catch and release on Friday through Sunday mid-November through mid-February, so Jenny and I might get to go again if a nice weekend comes along. It’s nice "Mother/Daughter" bonding time!

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More Fishing

Richard and I went fishing today. It was a lovely morning with a light fog on the river!

Richard strung his limit and caught and released many more. I decided to not fish with the “real bait” and treble hooks where I have managed to catch a fish now and again for the area where you can just fish with flies or other artificial lures. I fished many hours, tied on a wide variety of lures, and just got a couple of nibbles! However, I’m going to keep trying and maybe someday I will “get it.”

Richard made a wonderful gumbo tonight from his fish just like he makes in Canada! It was great.

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