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Moonrise, Reflections, and Cars

My role as “Camp Wench” allows me the flexibility to take photos while Richard does the hunting part! I had scoped this little pond out earlier and hoped the moon might reflect in it. It did! But, then I had the happy opportunity to shoot long exposure head and taillight shots too as the hunters drove around after sunset! Richard didn’t get a deer, but we had a fun time at his friend’s cabin near Truman Lake.


Two cars going opposite directions

Headlights and fast moving clouds

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Another Night of Astronomy Photos

In these night shots, I usually make a “test” photo to see how the shot is lined up before I go for the long exposure. I “paint” the trees and area with my flashlight so they show up and I can see how the picture is framed. In this case, I could see some possibilities of a cool photo, so took several and came up with this nice shot.

Then I took a 20 minute exposure shot of the setting “evening star” (thicker line).

And here’s a zoom in on the moon tonight!

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I went out to photo the comet, but couldn’t see it due to the haze. However, the tiny sliver of moon (just a day over new moon) setting was pretty photogenic! Toward the end a car came by toward me. I had to turn on the flashers on my truck so they could see me and not hit me beside the edge of the road. I don’t know if the light on the moonset just a bit after the car lights was their lights or my flasher!

Here’s a still photo of another car that came through while I was taking photos.

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Perigee Super Moon

I had fully planned taking lots of photos of the "super" full moon in Perigee last night, but then we had to deal with a calving heifer, and time got away from us. However, we got back to the house just as the moon was rising in the haze. First all you could see was a brightness in the haze, then the moon slowly came out of the haze. I was there with the camera, but I don't feel like I got as good a photos as I should have. But, here they are anyway. And, no, I didn't go out a 10:30 and take photos of the moon the closest it came to earth!

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