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It’s Butterfly/Moth Photography Season!

Every year about this time the “weeds” in the pastures have amazing flowers that attract a wide variety of butterflies and moths. I set up my camera and tripod and then wait for them to flit by!

Good frontal view; see enlargement below.

Here’s a zoom in on the proboscis.

Side view

A darker moth (maybe?) with a long, dark proboscis

They love ironweed!

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Second Book Draft on its Way!

Tuesday I received the first draft of my book from the printer. I loved it, but I found a couple of things I wanted to slightly tweak. Of course, that turned into changing out three photos, re-writing the last line of one poem, adjusting the color and brightness of several photos, and doing slight design edits to the cover. I’m hoping this will be the final draft!

Here’s some images from what I sent the printers. Photos of the real book coming soon!

Front Cover

Back Cover

First poem/photo

Facing pages show two photos for each poem

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Agility Trial

I worked on the book most of this weekend, but did manage to get a few photos of the dogs in action.




Nancy started Kimber, set her down, then ran across the lines to get to the spot to start Kimber for her FAST class!

Kimber so tight on the poles I have one eye on each side!

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