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Ice Bubbles

We had a stretch of very cold weather, and I happened to be reminded of a photography challenge I’ve seen before where you make some special bubble stuff (mix sugar with the soap to give it neater designs as it freezes) and then photo them outside as they freeze. So, we prepared the bubble stuff, read up on technique, and headed out around 8 am, sunny, and -4 degrees F. I couldn’t have done this without Richard blowing the great bubbles. It took a bunch of bubbles to get a few that would stay together long enough to freeze into the neat designs.

Be sure and scroll to the bottom to see a rough time-lapse photo I did of some of the better bubbles. I wasn’t really planning on making a time-lapse video, so I didn’t set my camera and never move it. That made it difficult to crop each photo as accurately as possible to build this time-lapse video. But, this still turned out to show the crystals building on the bubbles as they freeze.

I couldn’t have done this without Richard’s excellent bubble blowing!

Ice Bubbles at -4 degrees

As the bubble froze, it left my reflection clear in the middle and froze that part last.

Ice Crystals in Detail

I like the fern-like ice shapes as the bubbles freeze.

Ice Bubbles at -4 degrees II

This shows the details even better.

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